Our Approach for Startup Incubation

Validation of Idea

Validation of Idea

Build the Business

Create Value

Raise Capital

Expande the Business

Our Service offering

Startup incubation services of Synapse Healthcare is designed for entrepreneurs who are in their early phase of business and need experts to help them guide through this challenging phase.

Starting a company is mostly solitary and challenging. Synapse Healthcare brings in its team of in-house experts as well as subject matter experts from industry and leverage their experience in guiding the startups on right path and thus augmenting value of the company in short span of time.

Strategy Support

  • Assistance in rehashing the business plan

  • Assistance in developing practical implementation plan

  • Developing executable roll out strategy 

  • Developing practical revenue model

  • Overall Financial Plan

  • Market ready business plan

Implementation Support

  • Business operations management service

  • Marketing and sale support (Digital online, B2B & B2C)

  • Back office support: Creative art work, Content writers, Website, Logo, Branding and communication material

  • Technology Development and Maintenance Support (Development of apps, web tools and related technology support)

  • Other business requirement: Tax, Audit and Legal support

Capital Advisory

  • Identification various financing options available for the business at given point in time

  • Deal Advisory (M&A, Debt Restructuring, Valuation service, Deal Advisory)

  • Capital raising: VC, PE & Secure and Unsecure Debt










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