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We work with healthcare organisations across the sector, from providers and niche service players to payers and medical technology companies.  We associate with them to address the key strategic and operational issues they face and help them to create value and sustain their competitive advantage.


In the competitive landscape of healthcare, there is a need to identify the niche market and deliver value to the customers. Over the decade healthcare has evolved to deliver specialized care and there is a need to identify even grounds for delivering quality healthcare.

At Synapse, we are passionate to identify the emerging format and develop a custom fit strategy for our clients



Due Diligence

Investing in healthcare in general is complex and entails numerous challenges. Identifying the future potential risks involved is critical to all investments.


We assist our clients in making sound investment decisions and help them with a clear understanding of external markets, trends and forecasts and internal factors, and dynamics influencing and shaping the business context, in which the potential target operates.


Synapse Healthcare Consultant's Commercial Due Diligence aims to analyze the attractiveness and sustainability of the target’s business model, evaluate the future cash flows and financial forecasts and indicate the

potential risks.



Primary Market Research

The healthcare external market is witnessing rapid change, the market is complex and the need for reliable primary information to make informed decisions has never been greater.

At Synapse we believe our clients need more than a data set, they need a partner who can produce accurate and relevant information and turn it into a decision support matrix.

Our domain experts not only provide the most precise measurement but shape it to provide real insights from the Competitors, Markets and Consumers.



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